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ClubStrength  -  MasterClass

At TAD 0-13, We have spent more than 16 years refining and optimizing every aspect of Club training. From biomechanics to using proper language and communication as effective coaching strategies,  in order to help people fully understand each topic.

During the classes, we'll cover and analyze the ClubStrength fundamentals techniques. How to perform them correctly and how to teach each one successfully. We will then proceed with the process of "building" techniques and training methods step by step. Laying a foundation for deep practice
We'll discuss the proper use of the tool,  how to integrate it with existing training programs and how to properly design for your own goals.
A unique opportunity to fully understand the real potential of this unique tool.

The classes  will be held in Eng/Ita

Specific classes in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Arabic are also available upon request.


Saturday, February 27th : Foundations ( mastering the grip and the fundamentals ) Starting @ 4.00 pm CET

Saturday, March 6th : Press & Pull ( grinds basic and advanced movements for strength and functional hyeprtrophy)  Starting @ 4.00 pm CET

Saturday, March 13th : Ballistics ( how to use the Club to improve speed & power )

Starting @ 4.00pm CET

Saturday, March 20th : How & When ( wrapping up the 4 sessions and analyze how and when it is optimal to introduce the Club in your existing program and to reach your goals)

Starting @ 4.00pm CET


You can purchase the full event ( Best options ) or choose your single class!

The classes  will be held in Eng/Ita

Attention: Classes in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Arabic are also available upon request. Thanks to our worldwide network we are able to set specific classes in different languages and in different time zone, in order to give you the best learning experience with a team of unique professionals.


Each class will be recorded and available on-demand!

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