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Club Strength The Club is an ancient training tool, redesigned to empower our ability to produce strength, in angles, and through ranges that cannot be achieved using conventional machines and equipment. It has the unique training actions of traction and leverage, which creates incredible torque in the training subject. This is the most powerful, yet misunderstood concept of force generation in the conditioning and weight-lifting communities. Training to utilize torque builds rugged strength in all planes of motion. Club work can enhance speed, explosiveness, agility, endurance, centripetal power, maximal and relative strength. Developing these will lead to a more complex understanding of the use of force. Thanks to the pulling effect, they do not load joints and tissues with excessive compression. Rather, they improve separation within the joint, which assists correct synovial fluid production and circulation. Over time, connective tissues become layered in a way that improves their elasticity and a healthier structure is gained from work. The Club is highly transportable and can be easily integrated with other training tools or machines. This boosts progress while lowering injury risk, by directly compensating for high loads and allowing us to overcome weak points in our movements. During the seminars, the attendee will learn how to use and teach different exercises, from grinds to ballistics. The student will also learn how to coach and design specific strength and conditioning programs.
The certification seminar is built around 
4 Live Sessions  

October 22-23
November 6-7

Language : Korean - English 


The prerequisites for the test are:

50 Double Clean to Flag
50 Double Flag Squat
30 Double Iron Cross
30 Double Barbarian Squat
20 Double Side Cast Press
30 Double Swipes
30 Double Side Swipes
Weight: Man 7 kg -15 lb
Woman 5 kg -10 lb
Max cap time 35′


Important note:

The exam will be held during a separate ONLINE or LIVE session. This to give all the necessary time to the student to reach the technical level required and to optimize his/her fitness level.


Korean Daily Schedule 


일정 / 커리큘럼

10 23/24

(오후01 ~ 오후05)

<CBS 테스트 빅7 익히기>


1. 벤트암 - 베이직

프론트 캐스트

숄더 캐스트


2. 스트레이트암 - 베이직


아이언 크로스

바바리안 스쿼트


3. 발리스틱 - 베이직




클린 플래그


4. 멀티플레인 - 베이직

사이드 스윙/클린

사이드 캐스트/스와이프

사이드 프레스아웃

11 06/07

(오전10 ~ 오후0530)

(점심 오후01~0230)

<클럽벨 어드밴스 트레이닝>


5. 그라인드 - 어드밴스

패리 캐스트


토치 프레스


6. 발리스틱 - 어드밴스




7. 멀티 플레인 - 어드밴스

쉴드 캐스트 



해머 스윙


8. CBS 체력 테스트

악력과 전완의 피로도가 금방 쌓이는 클럽벨 도구의 특성을 감안하여 기존의 1박2일(하루 8시간)에 진행되었던 코스를 4일짜리로 분산시키고 전체적인 교육시간을 대폭 증대시키기로 결정했습니다. 

베이직을 다루게 되는 첫째주 코스를 통해서 핵심 운동들에 대한 개념들을 이해하고 미리 악력과 전완 피로도에 적응하여 2째주에는 부담감 없이 어드밴스 동작 학습에 집중하고 테스트를 보실 수 있도록 하기 위함입니다. 

관절의 안정성과 근력발달에 필요한 핵심적인 그라인딩 운동들을 메인으로 습득시킨 이후, 다양한 방향과 스피드로 다루게되는 어드밴스 동작들까지 배우게되는 이번 코스는 그동안 복잡해보였던 클럽벨 트레이닝의 과정을 더 간소화하는 동시에 더한층 업그레이드 된 기본기 과정을 통하여 클럽벨에서 자주 나타나는 부상들을 현저히 감소시키는 지식을 전달하는 클럽벨의교육의 혁신입니다.​

핵심적인 그라인딩 동작들을 그립 방법부터 움직임 각도 및 궤적등을 매우 디테일하게 다루게 됨으로서 클럽벨을 처음 사용하시게 되는 분들은 물론 그동안 클럽벨을 오랫동안 즐겨 사용하셨던 분들도 보다 더 안전하고 효율적으로  헤비 클럽벨을 다룰 수 있는 기반을 다질 수 있습니다. 

그동안 운동 초심자분들에게는 가르치기가 매우 어려웠던 클럽벨의 운동의 문제점도 CBS 코스에서는 단순하면서 강도 있는새롭게 개편된 드릴들을 통하여 이제 일반인 분들에게도 클럽벨 트레이닝 효과를 전달시켜줄 수 있는 코칭 툴박스를 넓힐 수있게 되었습니다.



 English Daily Schedules 


Daily Schedule / Curriculum

23/24 Oct

(1pm ~ 5pm)

<CBS Big7 Exercise Building Blocks>


1. Grinds(Basic Bent Arm)

Arm Cast

Shoulder Cast


2. Grinds (Straight Arm)

Barbarian Pull/Squats

Iron Cross

Press Out(Front/Lateral)


3. Ballistic (Basic)



Clean to Flag



4. Multi-Plane (Basic)

Side Swing

Side Clean

Side Cast

Side Pressout

Side Swipe

06/07 Nov (10:00 ~ 17:30)

*Lunchtime: 13:00~14:30

<Advanced Series & CBS Test>


5. Grind (Advance)

Parry Cast


Torch Press

6. Ballistic (Advance)



7. MultiPlane (Advance)

Shield Cast(Two-hand/Single/Double)

Mill/Reverse Mill

Hammer Swing

8. CBS Physical Test


Although the hard intensity and sweat are something you would want to have as a memory for the workshop, we focus on delivering high-quality education first.

Due to the club’s unique leverage and torque, high stress and fatigue on the forearms and grips are inevitable for students who have not been used to this tool.

Since we would expect everyone to have at least several months of experience in this type of training, we also cannot neglect the fatigue that will impact an individual’s focus on learning during the workshop.

Considering the workshop’s high volume of training, we have decided to spread out the schedule to 4days(which was 2days, a total of 16 hours).

This will enable everyone to stay fresh to not only execute precise skills but also focus on learning new knowledge.


1st week(23/24 Oct) will be focusing on the fundamentals of the 7 exercises of the CBS Test.

Most of the exercises are based on solid fundamentals of grinding(slow strength) movements. During this week, you will not only able to gain knowledge on conquering the rigorous CBS test but also will give you the blueprint to handle heavier clubs in the long run. (Hence Club ‘Strength’)


 2nd week(06/07 Nov) is to break down complex multiplanar movements. By breaking down and learning on each block, you will be able to perform the club’s unique multiplanar movement that seemed forever complicated. After this week, it is you who will be able to control the Club.


The overall purpose of this education is to learn the Clubbell concepts that enable you to carry over that strength to other modalities instead of training for the sake of the club's work itself.


Learn, Hone, Earn it, Pass On


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