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Clubbell Strength The Clubbell is an ancient training tool, redesigned to empower our ability to produce strength, in angles, and through ranges that cannot be achieved using conventional machines and equipment. It has the unique training actions of traction and leverage, which creates incredible torque in the training subject. This is the most powerful, yet misunderstood concept of force generation in the conditioning and weight- lifting communities. Training to utilize torque builds rugged strength in all planes of motion. Clubbell work can enhance speed, explosiveness, agility, endurance, centripetal power, maximal and relative strength. Developing these will lead to a more complex understanding of the use of force. Thanks to the pulling effect, they do not load joints and tissues with excessive compression. Rather, they improve separation within the joint, which assists correct synovial fluid production and circulation. Over time, connective tissues become layered in a way that improves their elasticity and a healthier structure is gained from work. The Clubbell is highly transportable and can be easily integrated with other training tools or machines. This boosts progress while lowering injury risk, by directly compensating for high loads and allowing us to overcome weak points in our movements. During the seminars, the attendee will learn how to use and teach different exercises, from grinds to ballistics. The student will also learn how to coach and design specific strength and conditioning programs.
The certification seminar is built around 
2 Online session 
2 Live session ( live session is also recorded for the ones who could not physically attend it and a private zoom session for Q&A will be scheduled to fill any missing gap)
We also have the opportunity to create specific close group classes online or live when it is possible in different languages: Arabic, English, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

The prerequisites for the test are:
50 Double Clean to Flag
50 Double Flag Squat
30 Double Iron Cross
30 Double Barbarian Squat
20 Double Side Cast Press
30 Double Swipes
30 Double Side Swipes
Weight: Man 7 kg -15 lb
Woman 5 kg -10 lb
Max cap time 35' For the sequence of the exercises