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Challenge coins represent camaraderie and achievement. Units, teams, organizations, and businesses all have members that work hard to achieve milestones and goals together. Our challenge coin is a symbol of commitment to work hard as a professional, to support others as a choice of life. Money is a bioproduct of the work we choose and not the drive. The coin represents what TAD 0-13 Lab is all about: A unique team of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and champions our own success. 

We decided to support organizations that raise funds to support the ones in need. Every new challenge coin production will be used to raise donations to a different one. This first production is dedicated to NON-DOLET

For every sale, 10% will be donated to NON-DOLET organization for veterans 


As for all the challenge coins, if you are a TAD 0-13 members or supporter, if you'll be caught without your coin in the pocket you'll perform 100 pushups or 50 jump squats. 

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