Break The Freeze - Webinar ( English version )

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"Once the freeze is broken, the fight is on"


Freezing is the state of not moving when you are in danger. Sometimes it is involuntary as your adrenaline kicks in and you go into hard-wired freeze mode. Sometimes it is a strategy: you choose not-moving because it is your best option. Sometimes, in the midst of a freeze, you honestly can’t tell if you can’t move or just don’t want to.

The old primitive part of your brain says, “Still alive, don’t change anything.” Even when your conscious brain recognizes circumstances have changed, the hindbrain will try to keep you from changing anything. The first battle to move may be with yourself.

I'll take you through a walk on your cognitive and hardwired brain. Understand the multiple types of freezing. You'll understand how to brake the freeze,  move, optimize your status, and extend your survival. I'll get you ONSET


This is a  1.30 hours webinar + Power Point